Conflict Between VAC and Forensics

Samantha Quam, Staff

April is approaching, and so is the climax of the competitive seasons for multiple West Salem High School extracurricular organizations, including the Forensics and Visual Arts Classic teams. Coincidentally, the state competition for both of these two are scheduled for April 12th. Three students participate in both activities.

Megan Lassig ’20, Alyssa Szewczyk ‘20, and Samantha Quam ‘21 first thought that they would be forced to choose between the two clubs. When asked about the conflicting schedule, junior Alyssa Szewczyk responded, “I’m stressed.” Upon further research, Mrs. Volden and Mr. Brown were able to devise a plan to allow the students to attend both.

 “The girls would ride down with Mr. Brown and the rest of the VAC team for their competition,” Mrs. Volden explains. “Afterwards, their bus will drop them off at the campus where I will meet up with them for the forensics meet.” Although this would seem like a reasonable plan, forensics coaches have not received the competition schedule yet, since it is still weeks away. Mr. Brown, who has been the VAC coach for 19 years, has never seen this happen before. The students will not know what to expect until the day of the actual events.