Upcoming: Annie


Summer is coming up in just 48 days, which means it is time for this year’s summer musical. “I’ve always enjoyed the experience of being in the musicals,” said Allie Cruz-Lambert, a freshman at West Salem High School. Music educators, Mrs. Hanson, and Mrs. Martin have decided that this year’s summer musical is going to be Annie. “We have a lot of high school women who look very young and it seemed like a perfect show for that population of kids, said Mrs. Hanson. “It’s also a show that a lot of people know and love, so we were able to double cast it since the music is so familiar to many of the cast members.”  Annie is a story about a young girl who lives in an orphanage. The musical shows what her life is like and the troubles she goes through as an orphan.

Auditions for this musical were held on March 20th. “The auditions went very well. There were two audition times, I attended the last one,” said junior Parker Allen.  “I was the only boy out of, like, thirteen girls that night. I sang my audition piece, read my audition lines, and got all done. It was pretty worry-free.”

Many people were excited and anxious to see the parts they would receive, like Madison MacRogers and Brynn Hofmeister who play the role of Annie. “I’ve been in musicals for a while and I’m very excited to be a part of Annie along with my friends,” said freshman Nik Hanson who was cast as Warbucks. 

This musical will include many grade levels, ranging from sixth graders to seniors. The show will be available to anyone who would like to come and will be held at the Heider Center. The shows will be held on June 21st and June 22nd.