A Look Into WSHS Show Choir


Show choir is a performance group that combines choral singing with choreographed dances. Show choir takes a lot of time and team effort between Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Martin, Section Leaders, and the Dance Captains. 

Mrs. Hanson is the show choir director and Mrs. Martin is the showband director. They work together to select songs and costumes for the shows.  

Section Leaders are students who lead each vocal section and help them perfect their singing. Junior Shelby Burch and senior Samara Wheeler are the leaders of the sopranos. Junior Angela Vick, junior Maddy Noelke are the leaders of the soprano 2’s, and sophomore Abi Koch and senior Emma Deal are the leaders of the altos. Along with sophomore Brady Dunnum and junior Kane Hansen and the leaders of the tenor section, and sophomore Orin Schwier and senior Ryley Rasmussen are the leaders on the bass section. “As a section leader, it is our job to oversee the people in our section and make sure they’re doing things right like singing correctly,” Schwier. These young ladies and gentlemen work with their sections to make sure everything blends together and contains the right dynamics. 

Senior Josie Hanson and junior Kirstyn Larson are in charge of Singsation’s choreography, and junior Brynn Hofmeister and senior Megan Lassig are in charge of Vivace’s choreography. “Dance captains are the leaders of choreography by cleaning up some moves and seeing what we can do to make it better,” said Lassig. All together they create a one-of-a-kind performance. 

Singsations is West Salem’s varsity show choir team.  Their performance’s theme is Endgame which is inspired by the Avengers Endgame. “We were inspired by Endgame last spring and felt like we could create something with popular songs,” said Hanson. Singsations is performing “Rise” by Katy Perry, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, “Fly Away Home” by Pink Zebra, “Hooked on a Feeling” by Mark James, “I Will Survive/ Survivor” by Adam Anders, Peer Astorm, and Mark Brymer, and the final song “Defy the Odds” by Anita Cracaver. These songs and dances are intense and full of energy. 

The group practices Mondays from 7 to 8:30 pm, Wednesdays from 3:20 to 4:20 pm and occasionally on Saturday from 10 am to noon. All of this practice pays off for the soloists and the teams as a whole. “ The best part about show choir this year is working with kids who love the show, the team, and who believe in what we are doing,” said Hanson.  

Vivace is a unisex show choir team. They work hard on the choreography and songs not just as a team but as one big show choir family. “I found the most beautiful ballad that I wanted to build a show around… it’s called “Once Upon a Time”,” said Hanson. “It’s all about how that a woman is a beautiful princess, but unlike the Disney Princesses, she doesn’t have her own prince to make all of her dreams come true,” Hanson. Vivace is sharing the message that it’s not just the man that makes you happy; it’s the choices you make to become who you. They start their show with the song “Hard-Knock Life” by Charles Strouse, then  “Once Upon a Time” by Scott Alan. After that, they sing “Fairy Godmother Song” by Stephen Barton, Harry Gregson-Williams, Dave Smith, Aron Warner, Andrew Adamson, and Walt Dohrn. Followed by “Live Out Loud” by Andrew Lippa and Brian Crawley. To finish off their show, they sing “I Can’t Go Back” sung by Samantha Barks from Pretty Woman: The Musical. “I think the songs are lovely and tell an important story. The opening song  “Hard-Knock Life” is intense and has lots of brooms, towels, and props that fill the stage with energy and activity! It’s crazy and fun!” said Hanson.