October’s Art Student of the Month


Each month, art teacher Quenten Brown selects a student who has displayed a hard-working attitude and artistic skill in his class. This month, senior Anna Baumel was chosen for this special title: Art Student of the Month. “I just wanted to reward that journey because she has improved immensely from freshman year till now,” said Brown. “I just wanted to reward that work ethic.” 

Baumel typically draws with pencil and enjoys drawing portraits. She began her art journey in kindergarten. “I would always draw, and it progressed,” said Baumel.  She continued creating artwork going into high school. “I took all the art classes I could,” said Baumel. Baumel stays involved in art by taking classes such as Pottery and Graphic Design. 

Flower child is one of many of Baumel’s works. This piece was created with acrylics and oil pastel. “I really enjoy the skin, hair and just overall surrealness of the piece, ” said Baumel.  “I really enjoy this piece because she is going through nature and is also a part of nature.” 

“I felt proud and happy that he chose me.”said Baumel. In the future, Baumel plans on attending MIAD, a Milwaukee Art Institute. “Art is something I can always rely on at the end of the day,” said Baumel.