February’s Art Student of The Month


“Art Student of the Month is basically a way to recognize certain art students for all of the work they’ve done,” said Emma Deal, February’s Art Student of the Month. Art Student of the Month is a great way for students to be recognized by not only the school, but also by the community for their work. “I’m personally very honored to be awarded this because I love art, so it is nice to be recognized for it,” said Deal. 

Deal’s passion for art began at a young age, and has since flourished. “I think what inspired me to start drawing was a lot of the shows and books I watched and read when I was younger,” said Deal. “I started drawing characters from these, and it kept going from there.” 

While Deal enjoys working with a variety of mediums, she prefers the mediums of digital photography and pencil drawing. Deal is currently working on a series of paintings to help her branch out artistically. “Basically, I’ve just started a couple of small paintings to help improve my technique,” said Deal. “One is an original idea, and one is a portrait of someone I follow online.” Deal hopes to grow in her artistic skill by experimenting with a media that is less common in her works.

“Emma Deal is an artist who can work in drawing, painting and digital photography,” said Quenten Brown, art teacher and selector of Art Student of the Month. “She is excellent in all of those mediums. Her work is thoughtful and thought-provoking, detailed and nuanced.”

Deal has become increasingly serious about her artwork over the past six years. She plans to keep creating art as a hobby, and hopes to make money by selling her work in the future. Her work was displayed in the Heider Center through the month of February until March 2nd and was taken down on March 3rd.