Top 10 Bath and Body Works Holiday Candles of 2021


Emma Schran, Staff Writer

Bath and Body Works is known all across the globe for its holiday candles. Each and every year, right around Christmas time, the holiday chaos begins in Bath and Body Works. Whether you’re shopping for something to spice up the smell of your home or a gift for that co-worker you love, Bath and Body Works is the one-stop shop for all of your Christmas needs. With the release of their 32 (yes, 32!) new holiday fragrances for the 2021 season, allow me to introduce you to my top 10 Bath and Body Works holiday candles of 2021.


10. Merry Maple Pancakes

Personally, I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea of making pancakes into a Christmas scent, but maybe that pancake lover in your life will absolutely love this candle with notes of fresh berries, cinnamon sugar, and maple syrup. This one is sure to fill any room with fresh berry scents for a friend or partner who can’t seem to get enough berry-scented goodies.

9. Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

This candle, on the other hand,  tells you exactly what you’re getting. With hints of cinnamon, sugar crystals, Tahitian vanilla bean, and other essential oils, it’s sure to steal the heart and nose of any cinnamon lover in your life. With their end-of-the-year candle sale, this candle sits at an affordable $16.50 and would make the perfect gift.

8. ’Tis The Season

Now, personally, I have a bone to pick with candle names that do not come out and straightforwardly tell you what you should expect them to smell like, but the scent of this one is sure to be loved by, perhaps, an apple pie lover in your life. With fragrance notes such as red apple, sweet cinnamon, and cedarwood, this candle is sure to make your house smell like grandma is making her best work in the oven.

7. Sugared Snickerdoodle

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more comforting than freshly baked cookies on Christmas. This candle will definitely make your house guests pleased with the smell, and perhaps slightly disappointed when they find out that there are no actual snickerdoodles to be eaten.

6. Fresh Balsam

Honestly, who doesn’t want their house to smell like a balsam Christmas tree? Along with balsam wood, this candle features hints of fir branches, eucalyptus, and cedarwood, and sounds like any real Christmas tree lover’s dream. Thanks to this candle, your house or a loved one’s can smell like Christmas year round, and is a super affordable $16.50 with the current Christmas-time sale.

5. Vanilla Bean Noel

Vanilla is easily one of the best smelling Christmas time fragrances, but finds itself in fifth place because of its incredibly sweet notes. This candle also has scents like marshmallow fluff and vanilla cake, which sounds like a cavity in a candle. Although don’t eat it, obviously, but this will have your house smelling like the witch’s candy house from Hansel and Gretel.

4. Under the Christmas Tree

Another candle that doesn’t explicitly state what it is supposed to smell like, but after taking a look the notes, the incredible smell makes up for it. This candle mentions more fir balsam, much like the previously mentioned Fresh Balsam, but also includes juniper berries, vanilla eggnog, and sage leaves. The mix between that beloved Christmas tree smell and berries is an excellent combination and will make any Christmas lover happy, as well as your pockets, as it’s also just $16.50.

3. Cinnamon and Clove Buds

A strongly spiced and seasoned candle, this candle will have you thinking of cookies yet again. It includes other spice fragrances, such as nutmeg. Personally, I think a touch of chocolate or orange would really push this one to the top of the list, but top 3 is still an incredible feat for a candle in my eyes. I also just love the red design on the outside of the candle, so if you want an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly scented candle, this is the one for you.

2. Vanilla Swirl Brownie

This candle made a very strong case for first, but ultimately my personal preference is what pushed the next one over this sweet-smelling cylinder of joy. With fragrance notes of chocolate cookie crumbles, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate drizzle, and other essential oils, this is perfect for the chocolate or brownie sundae lover in your life. This incredibly sweet candle is not only fragranced perfectly, the design on the outside is gorgeous.

1. Winter Candy Apple

Here it is, the top candle you’ve been scrolling for. Winter Candy Apple has a very similar fall fragrance, Champagne Apples and Honey, but the winter spin is equally perfect. Although perhaps not as Christmas-y as others in this category, the smells of candied apples, crisped pears, and orange, this fruity fragrance can not only be burned during Christmas time, but year round as well. As well as having stunning packaging, this candle is number one in my eyes and always will be.

So there it is: your top 10 Bath and Body Works holiday candles of 2021. Agree with me, disagree, whatever you please. But nonetheless, these candles are sure to make excellent, affordable gifts for any Christmas candle lover in your life. So head on over to your nearest Bath and Body Works or head to their website, and order yourself and your loved ones some of the finest candles around. They’re the most well-known candles in the business for a reason.