Show Choir First Competition


Reanna Muellenberg

West Salem High School has two of its own show choir groups. Our smaller group, Vivace, is a smaller, all-female group. Vivace has its own themes each season with its individual set. The theme this season for Vivace is “Mamma Mia” from the musical Mamma Mia

The second group, Singsastions, is a mixed group where all genders can participate. Their theme is “Stranger Sings” based on the hit tv show, Stranger Things. Singsations has a separate theme and set from Vivace. Each group competes separately at each competition. 

So, how would show choir participants prepare for these tough competitions? Preparing for Viterbo took all week, specifically for this show. Working on choreography and vocals separately and then putting them together. The best thing we can do now is be as picky as possible to make us the best we can, and always knowing no matter what, there are always ways to improve and that we can keep pushing,” says Nik Hanson, a senior in Singsations. 

The first competition of the season took place on Saturday, January 8th, 2022. This was the first competition of the year. The event was hosted by Viterbo college and is typically an annual competition. Vivace and Singsations both joined this event and went against all the other schools from all around the La Crosse area. After a long night for our show choir teams, awards were then announced. Vivace ended up winning 1st runner up in the prep division. Anja Clausen, a senior in Singsations, says, “Viterbo we placed low. So our first competition was not our best. We have been working on notes given by the judges at Viterbo, and it’s coming along well. I have high hopes for the rest of the season.” 

The competition season for 2021-2022 has just begun and is far from over. The teams will be traveling through Wisconsin to attend different events and perform. Their next competition is in New London, Wisconsin on January 22nd. The season started off rocky with not knowing where we would be with the pandemic. However, I am stronger than I have ever been with my singing and dancing. Plus, I am proud to watch the growth of everyone as well as my own,” says Hanson.