Artwork Headed to State


Each year, teachers who are members of the Wisconsin Art Education Association choose five art students to go to the regional exhibit, and of those five, three of them get picked to go on to state. This year, the students chosen for state are two seniors, Peter Dressel and Kaylee Blatz, and a sophomore Izzy Bramblett. They are set to have their artwork on display at the state exhibition for the West Central Region at the East Town Mall in Madison. In this exhibit, there will be around 100 artwork pieces altogether.

State is about celebrating the students and their artwork. At state, they hand out multiple awards. During the ceremony, they will call the winners and they will receive a certificate and a gift package from the company sponsoring awards. All three of the West Salem students will have the opportunity to win!

Dressel, Blatz, and Bramblett all got their artwork chosen for their impeccable artwork as high school students. The artwork done by Dressel and Bramblett were originally assignments for their photography class. Blatz has artwork done through her independent study photography class with the art teacher Mr. Brown. 

Blatz’s inspiration for her artwork was a light bulb. “It’s not so much the subject matter it’s more how you treat the subject. It’s also knowing your materials, in this case, the camera,” Blatz says. As she was finishing her editing process, she knew this picture was the one. After being informed that her photograph had made it to state she was proud of herself because she had created something that someone else was intrigued in. Blatz praised the art teacher, Mr. Brown,  “I never really thought that my pictures were actually that good, but Mr. Brown always pushed me to do my best and always reinsured me that my pictures are actually good.” Taking the class, she knew she had an interest in photography but never knew it would get her to where she is today. Congratulations to each of the students on their achievements and good luck at state!Peter ArtIzzy Art