Show Choir Extravaganza

Nadya Sandvick, Staff Writer

On February 25th, many performed at the Heider Center. “Everyone and their grandma was there,” Sydni Schulz said when talking about the attendance. Many people came to the show choir Extravaganza.

The show started out with a band made up of West Salem High School Students called The Night Owls. The band consists of Josh Horman ‘24, Ben Bakkum ‘24, Ben Hanson ‘23, Danica Brenengen ‘24, Madeline Parr ‘23, Danica Hudzinski ‘24. They performed ‘You give Love a Bad Name’, by Bon Jovi.  There are many great things about being on stage, but according to Danica Hudskinski the best thing is, “it’s exhilarating, I love the rush.” 


Later younger students performed accompanied by some high school students one of them being Syd Martin ‘25. When asked why they enjoyed working with the younger students they said “I just like watching the younger kids’ happiness, and it’s just a reminder of hope for the new generations.”


From there, three other groups perform such as Vivace, and the Singsations. Performed by the Vivace group, different people sang different songs. Grace Waldhart ‘23 sang ‘What About Us’ by Pink, and Reagan Roesler ‘23 sang ‘Turning Tables’ by Adele. Next, Madeline Parr ‘23 with, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ by Taylor Swift, then Hannah Reischl ‘24 performed, ‘Applause’ by Lady Gaga. This group is made up of all female students, according to a member of both, the biggest difference between the Singsations and Vivance is, “the level of commitment,” say Reagan Sage. 


 The last group, the Singsations, sang multiple songs. The songs were, ‘Facade’, ‘Skyfall’, ‘Kim Possible’, ‘Secret Agent Man’, ‘Perry the Platypus’, and lastly ‘Who Are You.’ This group is made up of everyone in the show choir, “it feels like a family due to it bringing kids from all grade levels together,” says Laine Jambois, a member of the Singsations. 


The instruments behind the voices is known as Salem Sound. Salem Soundis the people in the band who also play music behind the Show Choir. Their instruments are a key ingredient to a great show. Ben Bakkum ‘24 says, “Band is a great place to learn things, it taught me many things, but patience being a big piece.” 


Syd Martin ‘25, Madeline Parr ‘23, Regan Roesler ‘23, Grace Waldhart ‘23, and Corbin Frydenland ‘24, Aspen Sage ‘23 all performed solos. Frydenland says “It’s scary,p but it’s a thrilling experience.” when explaining what it’s like being on the stage all alone. 


Now that their season has come to an end, many will return “I was so sad to see it end, so much that I cried,” says Noelle Zarecki ‘23 when talking about her last season of show choir, but Zareki says, “but I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.”