Online Shopping Threatening Local Malls

Emmy Herzog, Staff Writer

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It seems as if the stores in the Valley View Mall are closing faster than shoppers can visit them. Many people in the La Crosse area are worried that the mall may close down completely in the near future. This isn’t just a local problem either. According to Forbes, stores in malls all over the U.S. are closing due to the rising popularity of online shopping. Would the staff and students of West Salem High School miss the mall?

According to a WS Media survey, 15.4% of students preferred online shopping. They described the online shopping experience as being easier. Many said online shopping appealed to them because of the shopping without paying for gas, better deals, and a simple delivery process.

Despite the simplicity of online shopping, 84.6% of students surveyed said that they preferred in-store shopping. Some of those students said they disliked online shopping because it takes a long time to deliver, you might have to pay shipping fees, you can’t try the clothes on, and it is difficult to make returns. Those students also said that they would miss the experience of going out and trying on clothes, hanging out with friends, and eating at the food court. “It makes me sad because I love passing time with my best friends there, and getting a bunch of stuff and trying it on because you can’t do that with online shopping,” said Allie Cruz-Lambert, a freshman at West Salem High School.

Many community members have expressed their concern. “The younger generation won’t get out as much, and I feel it will affect the younger generation more compared to the older generation,” said Peggy Winters, a staff member at West Salem High School. “I don’t know if there is a direct solution to this problem, but you can support the mall and your local businesses,” said Anja Clauson, a freshman at West Salem High School. “Sure, when you online shop it will be here in a couple of days, but what if you need it to wear the next day?”


Photos courtesy of Creative Commons.

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