Finals for Freshies

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Finals for Freshies

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Finals First Semester

The first year of high school brings new experiences and expectations. One of the most nerve-wracking new experiences for freshman is finals week.  At the end of each semester, students take a test covering the past two quarters. Depending on the teacher, finals can make a big difference in your grade, usually around 10-20 percent of your semester grade.

As a freshman, it can be overwhelming to prepare for finals. “I’m just taking it one class at a time,” said freshman Katharine Horstman. “I’m making sure there are no distractions getting in my way of studying.”

Students often rely on flashcards to help retain the information, along with reviewing past homework assignments and notes. Filling out worksheets and study guides also helps to ease freshmen’s nerves. “I’m definitely a little bit nervous for finals because I calculated the percentages of some of my grades,” said freshman Emma Brigson. “I’m just nervous that I have to get a certain score.”

But after the first time, finals week seems to become less overwhelming. “My feelings about finals have definitely changed since the end of first semester freshman year,” says sophomore Grace Brigson. “I made a much bigger deal out of the tests than I should’ve, and that really stressed me out. This year I’m studying hard, but not overthinking them.”

Finals also help to prepare you for real life situations – it’s not all about the letter grade. If you would like to pursue college, learning how to study in high school will better prepare you for further education. “I do think it helps for further schooling,” said science teacher Mrs. Stenberg. “You will have to do some kind of summative assessment and it helps give them a taste of what that would be like.”    


Finals Second Semester     

Now that freshmen have experienced finals for the first time, they know how to prepare even better the second time around.

Freshman Emma Brigson has already gone through her first time of finals, and she has knowledge on how it goes and knows what to expect. “Finals were about as difficult as I expected, but I was still  pretty stressed about them first semester,” said Brigson. Now that freshmen have a better idea of how finals work, they can be prepared even more the second time around. “It wasn’t that I didn’t prepare last time, but I will study more this time just to be ready,” said Brigson.

Others are choosing different methods on studying for finals. Freshman Katharine Horstman is doing less to avoid the stressed and tired feelings. “I tried so hard to prepare and was always stressed,” said Horstman. After her first round of finals, she realized that if she was calm and focused, she would do a lot better. 

While finals for anyone can be stressful, the first round is difficult because freshmen don’t know what to expect. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, and it is important to be prepared and study hard. Grabbing a group of friends to go study at a coffee shop or making notecards can be helpful. Don’t forget to ask your teachers any questions you may have; it will likely help you on in the long run.