End of School Year Brings New DECA Officers

As the school year comes to an end, so does the 2018-2019 West Salem High School DECA chapter Officer team. “There are so many things I am going to miss about being a DECA officer,” said former DECA president, graduate Dani Miller. “If I had to pick one that I am going to miss the most, it would probably be the family bond between the officer team. I have become great friends with all of the officers and will miss the fun memories that we made together.”

To become a DECA Officer, there is an application process that determines what position each applicant can earn. They first rank each position, from one to six, showing what roles they prefer. Next, each applicant writes a brief response to a series of short answer questions. After these are turned in, advisors, Mr. Holter and Ms. Hodgson, review the applications and choose the new officer team. From social media to community service and everything in-between, these officers keep our local DECA chapter running smoothly and efficiently.

Social media is important to keep our chapter engaged and informed throughout the year. The new VP of Public Relations is being passed down from incoming junior Julia Krien to incoming sophomore Kate Fitzgerald. She will create content and post on all of the West Salem DECA social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Without the VP of Business Partnerships, DECA members would not have the support or funding it has today. This is made possible by the VP of Business Partnerships. Last year, the position was held by Abby Sharp and will now be run by incoming senior Taylor Feyen. “This is something I haven’t done before, so I am excited to work with this year’s officer team to have just as much, if not more, success than we have had in the past,” said Feyen.

DECA members attend meetings throughout the school year that help them prepare for competition and obtain important information. The VP of Competition Management is to thank for these meetings, and former VP Kendra Ames will pass her legacy down to incoming junior Adam Gorski. “I applied to be an officer because I wanted to find a new way to expand my leadership qualities, and why not lead an activity that I enjoy?” said Gorski.

From highway clean-ups to Muscle Dystrophy Association fundraisers, the VP of Community Service plans and handles it all. This year, incoming junior Rayna Dressel will be taking over the role that incoming senior Julia Stoleson ran last year.

Former School Store Managers, graduates Kylie Wright and Carissa Hass, will pass down their title to incoming junior Ethan Heger. He will order clothes, teach incoming students how to run the store, and accomplish much more in his term as the new School Store Manager.

Lastly, graduate Dani Miller will pass on her presidency to incoming junior Julia Krien. “It’s a big responsibility, but all the fun people in DECA make it totally worth it,” said Krien. “I am looking forward to helping our chapter grow.” Krien hopes to build off of the middle school DECA chapter that Miller started in her presidency. She plans to include young DECA members in some of the high school DECA meetings and practices to involve and excite them. “I know that Julia Krien will be a great president and will definitely lead our chapter to be even more successful,” said Miller. “I can’t wait to see how each officer brings their creativity and new ideas to the chapter for this next DECA season. Good luck officers, I know you’ll do great!”

Check out the link below to watch the official DECA Officer Team Reveal video!