Behind the Scenes of Homecoming


• Kendra Trautsch, Staff Writer

Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events of the year at West Salem High School. Although students love participating in the festivities of Homecoming, it’s easily forgotten how much work and thought is put into every detail. 


Pep Club has held meetings every Tuesday and Friday since the beginning of the school year to make sure that Homecoming runs smoothly. There are four senior Pep Club presidents, Samantha Kothari, Josie Hanson, Garrett Spafford and Abby Solberg. “It’s nice to have people who have spirit in themselves, so that it will spread,” said Pep Club advisor Rhonda Andres. Students in the club chose the Homecoming theme, planned the dress-up days, made signs for around the school, and planned different Homecoming activities. They are responsible for setting up and taking down volleyball, gaga ball and the homecoming dance. Certain individuals in Pep Club also organize the Powder Puff game and arrange plans with administrators. “All the little things, decorations, spirit, the whole week is organized by this group for the whole school,” said Andres.


This year, Julia Krien and Rayna Dressel, members of the Retail Operations class, are in charge of designing and distributing the Homecoming shirts. The school store gets especially busy during the Homecoming season, as many people are looking to purchase West Salem merchandise. “Honestly, the week of Homecoming we are trying to balance getting the Homecoming shirts delivered, so that’s always stressful.” said Jason Holter, teacher of Retail Operations. The profits that are made from selling shirts, jackets and many other items at the school store, all go to funding small activities in DECA and for purchasing better products for the store.


The Journalism class takes photos throughout the entire year, but Homecoming is a very busy time for them. “When you take photos, you’re capturing memories for people to look back on,” said Head of Photography Samantha Quam. Journalism students keep up with a busy photo schedule so they can capture every moment. Some of these moments include dress up days, the powerpuff kick-off game, the Homecoming football game, and even the Homecoming dance. “Having a schedule and having people really work hard to take the photos of memorable moments… it’ll change the impact of the yearbook itself,” said Quam.


Many West Salem students look forward to Homecoming every year. They enjoy participating in the dance and other school activities. Still, clubs receive little recognition for the hard work they put into making homecoming what it is. Pep Club, Journalism, DECA, Retail Operations and others all help to make Homecoming as enjoyable as it is. “I love the tradition, it’s all building memories,” said Rhonda Andres.