End of Boy’s Hockey Season

Baylee Faucett, Staff Writer

The boy’s hockey team had their last game of the season against Menomione, on Thursday, February 16th.

Freshman, Aiden Koonce got the game started with a goal in the first period, assisted by senior, Jacob Helgeson. Koonce then assisted on Helgeson’s goal in the second period. Koonce then scored again, this time unassisted. Helgeson assisted Tyler Meyer, a Bangor sophomore, who scored in the third period. Meyer assisted Koonce on his third goal of the game, completing a hat trick.

The Panthers lost 5-7 in their final regional game. “Every goal we scored as a team, so it felt good overall, but the loss hurt,” says Koonce. “It was a tough game, and we played through it well despite the outcome.” They finished the season with a 3-18 record, and their team is made up of 19 underclassmen, and six seniors. 

The season’s top scorers were Tyler Meyer, Jacob Helgeson, and Aiden Koonce. Meyer had the most points with 14. Meyer was followed by Koonce and Helgeson, who both had 13.

The senior captains consisted of Jacob Helgeson, Nick Bruggeman, and Sam Odenbach. They were all proud to have gotten this far and to be role models for the rest of their team. “I was definitely a little scared as a freshman on the ice, I was never trying to get hit. But as a senior, you grow into it,” says Odenbach. “You grow into the coaches, the family, everything. It’s the family aspect of it, to be a leader to the freshmen, like my seniors were to me.”