Arrival of Spring Sports

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Arrival of Spring Sports

• Kendra Trautsch, Staff Writer

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With warm weather approaching, the spring sports season is underway. Many students are preparing their bodies to achieve a good start for the new sports season. There are five big sports starting up with the new season.

Boys Tennis: Coach- Julia Kamla

It is a very important year for boy’s tennis. 2019 is the first time West Salem High School has had a male tennis team for 18 years. “It is really nice to bring something back to the school that hasn’t been active in such a long time,” said senior Nick Noelke. The team is coming back strong with 14 participating members. Many of the boys have been preparing themselves for the new practice. They will start off with doing drills to condition and train them. Some days they will be doing running, hitting or doing basic workouts to get the body back into active conditions.

Track and Field: Coaches- Katelyn Shepardson, Stacy Mitchell, Tommy Friday, Matt Matel, Laura Skemp-Deal, Anessa Holey, Sam Reilly and Cole Murray

Track was the first sport to start. Due to poor weather conditions, track participants have made use of their indoor equipment for the starting week. They were separated into their events to work on certain drills to better their talents. The team member’s routines range from lifting to ab workout. The workout room, mat room, and gym were all scheduled by the track coach for the week, so members used all three with no distractions. “Track is my favorite time of year,” said sophomore Annalisa Schultz “It’s a time to make new friends and connect with a lot of new people.”

Softball: Coaches- Brian Babiash, Rod Hamilton, Ethan Giese, Rob Hansen,  Brittney Hodgson

Softball hit off a great beginning in their season. Girls in softball had to make a time schedule with the track team. This was put in place so the two sports won’t be using the same area at the same time. The girls were in multiple settings such as the middle school, the mat room and the workout room. They would practice throwing and hitting to prepare themselves for future games. “Softball is a lot of hard work,” freshman Katharine Horstman said, “but in the end it’s totally worth it.”

Baseball: Coaches-  Chuck Ihle, Jason Holter, Damian Wiblin and Skyler Anderson, Jason Holter

Baseball has started the season by trying to get themselves back ready again for the games, including sprint workouts on the field. Boys practiced hitting and throwing techniques to achieve the best result in the season. “Spring season is one of my favorites,” freshman, Colin Gilbertson said, “because baseball is my favorite sport.”

Girls Soccer: Coaches- Adhemar Lino Cortez, Darwin Corcuy and Lionel Karyea

The girls have three new coaches to kick them off with a great start. The new coaches are Adhemar Lino Cortez, Darwin Corcuy and Lionel Karyea who all played semi-professional soccer. Practice kicked off bright and early on the first week at 5:50a.m. in the morning until the start of school. After the first week, practice is just after school from 4:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. They have to work on numerous exercises and drills. At practice, they sometimes split into groups to do stations or small scrimmages to prepare for their real games. “I’m so excited to kick off the soccer season with an amazing team,” said freshman, Sophia Block.

All spring sports require teamwork and effort. “The start of the season has brought me so many new friends!” said freshman, Allie Cruz-Lambert, “I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings.”