The Revival of Boys Tennis


• Eli LaFleur, Staff Writer

Members of the new boys tennis team and the coach, Julie Kamla,  are concerned with the unpredictable weather. Spring is rapidly approaching, but it doesn’t feel like it with all of this fear of snow returning still around. Both the coaches and the seven spring sports teams are worried West Salem High School will have a season similar to last year, which was full of bad weather. This is very concerning for the brand new boys tennis division. “I’m a bit concerned,” said Coach Kamla. “You never want to have to practice in a different setting – it’s never the same as being on the courts – but we may be forced to do that at least a few times this spring…I’m really hoping that winter is done soon and we don’t get any more big snowfalls, especially not in April!”

“I’m not worried winter will comeback,”  Senior Isaac Waldhart said.“The forecast looks fine,” Waldhart is one of 16 members of the new boys tennis team.

It has been 18 years since the last all-boys tennis team. The team is currently has 16 members : Matthew Baldwin, Brady Dunnum, Weston Gerke, Isaak Glick, Jack Hehli, Dagan Hemker, Breezy Hofmeister, Nick Noelke, Eli LaFleur, Briley Larson, Nels Lebakken, Trygve Lebakken, Zach Sonsalla, Nick Stachowitz, and Isaac Waldhart. “I am so excited,” Senior Nick Noelke said. “…it will be fun, a great way to end my senior year.”


Coach Kamla, also the girls tennis coach, said that she is excited to coach the new boys tennis team. “I mentioned this at the sports meeting – my son played tennis his junior year, and then they dropped the boys’ team and switched to girls’ tennis his senior year. I would have loved to see him play again as a senior,” Kamla said.

Coach Kamla said that some competition between the tennis teams over the summer would be good for their competitiveness “And we have eight brand new courts! Not many schools have the great facilities that we are blessed with.”