Jack Helhi Competes at State Tennis


• Eli LaFleur, Staff Writer

The first Guy’s Tennis Team in 18 years was established this year, and while almost everyone was new, there were a few who stood out. One of those students was Jack Helhi, who made it to the state-level competition. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to be there. “I was very excited,” said Helhi. “It was an opportunity that not many people ever get to have.”

Jack did not place at state but regardless, he shot above and beyond the expectations of him as a freshman.  Hehli is hopeful that he will compete at the state-level next year. “I think I will have a good chance to make it again next year because the best players that I played this year were all seniors and have graduated.” This is promising news for the tennis team.  “It is hard to tell if more will make it next year,” Hehli said, regarding other members of the tennis team. “Anything is possible if they put in the work and practice.”