Senior Spotlight: Abbie Cavadini


• Serena Fincher, Staff

Abbie Cavadini has many roles on the girls basketball team. She’s a leader, a friend, and the only senior. As the lone senior, Cavadini has many responsibilities on the team, and she must be a good role model for the underclassmen. While she enjoys the accountability of these duties, it can be lonely to be the only team member in her grade. Even so, she stays positive. “You have your team to help and support you, and we do have a senior manager this year which helps with [responsibilities],” said Cavadini. 

Cavadini’s passion for basketball was first sparked in 4th grade, which was her first year playing the sport. She undoubtedly fell in love with it, and continued on to play for nine more years. Her role model throughout her basketball career was James “J.J.” Jacobson. Jacobson was the Neshonoc Lakers basketball coach who passed away in July of 2015. Jacobson was known to make a huge impact on every girl that he coached, and will surely continue to have a lasting effect on many of them for years to come. 

One challenge that Cavadini expressed was how outnumbered she is by the underclassmen on the team. Despite any struggles, “The team chemistry is amazing,” said Cavadini. Her teammates also help to keep her motivated. Although the season started out with some close losses, each player has kept up great spirits. Particularly, Cavadini is looking forward to the game against Westby on January 7th because she believes the two teams are almost evenly matched. 

Matt Quick, Cavadini’s coach, has coached her for three years now. Quick has seen her grow into a strong, confident leader and player.  “She’s a very hard worker,” he said. Last year, Cavadini was honorable mention all conference, so this season, Quick’s goal for her is to win first or second team all conference. Cavadini’s physical strength and perseverance is what will win her that title. According to Quick, Cavadini supports her younger teammates by giving them rides before and after practice which helps tremendously. She also sets a great example for them with her incredible work ethic and kindness.  

This season, Cavadini hopes to achieve a conference championship. She believes the team can accomplish this through diligent practices and pushing their limits.