The Top Sports Highlights of 2021 at West Salem High School


Caitlin Robaczewski, Contributor

2021 has been a year filled with ups and downs for almost everyone. Coming out of a pandemic and returning to normalcy is something that every person and every school has had to work with throughout this year. At West Salem High School, athletes went above and beyond in their sports season’s this year despite the fact that they had spent multiple months in quarantine. This list provides just six of 2021’s most notable sports moments at West Salem High School, but each and every athlete and sport deserves credit for returning to their team after so much time off. There is no ranking for all of these achievements, as they all are very honorable in their own ways.

1. Cross country girls conference champs and placed 12th at state: The cross country girls had an amazing season this fall. The team was ecstatic to win their place as the Coulee Region conference champs and proceed to place 12th out of 16 teams at the state event. The runners at state included Elyse Bee, Alena Donahue, Kennedy Garbers, Mckenna LaFleur, Mia Olson, Morgan Quackenbush, and Macey Tauscher. 

2. Football made it to playoffs: The football team made an impressive comeback this fall, which was not only exciting for the players but also the student body. Students filled the student section at almost every game cheering on their peers as they supported West Salem. The team itself made it to playoffs for the second year in a row, winning every game except for two.

3. Swimmers Priya Oshan and Lauren Zareki are the first ever to go to State: The La Crosse Co-Op swim team consists of three local schools: Logan, Central, and West Salem High School. This season, a relay team made it to state which was very exciting for everyone on the team. Priya Oshan, Lauren Zareki, Camille Johnson (Logan), and Shefali Ramakrishan (Logan) competed in the medley relay and represented the La Crosse team. This was the first time any West Salem swimmer had ever made it to state through this  Co-Op.

4.Girls tennis conference champs: The girls tennis team worked very hard to get to become conference champs this year. The team had multiple doubles teams along with players who play singles. Megan Johnson made it to sectionals as a freshman which won her ‘Rookie of the Year.’ Through hard work and playing in the heat of summer, the girls tennis team had a very successful season.

5. Cross country boys win conference champs and place 8th at state: Not only did the girls do an exceptional job, but the cross country boys team had an amazing season as well. The team worked hard to ensure that they would win an award for their work, earning them the victory of becoming Coulee Region conference champs. Running at state is something that this team has done before, and they continue to put all of their effort into their sport.


6. Volleyball wins conference champs for the sixth year in a row: The volleyball team never fails to represent the West Salem Panthers in all of the best ways. The team consistently shows how successful they are and how much work they put into their season. Winning conference champs six years in a row is not something that is easy to do, yet the team has not failed to show how possible it is.