Meet the New Managers for the Boys Hockey Team


Each year, come winter, the West Salem Boys Hockey team starts their season. Two team managers help them throughout the season. The new managers for this season are juniors Madison Odenbach and Madeline Parr. 

Both Odenbach and Parr got in contact with Mr. Borre to become the new managers. They went to his hockey manager meeting where they wrote their names down on the list to be considered. Odenbach had wanted to become a manager because she played hockey throughout middle school and absolutely loved the sport. Her older brother, Jackson Odenbach, used to play on the school team and her twin brother, Sam Odenbach, is currently a player on the team. With her brothers playing, she was used to going to the games anyway, and being a manager allows her to help out as well. 

Odenbach and Parr both had prior knowledge of hockey and how the games are played. Odenbach not only played the sport for many years, but she had also reffed the sport for two years. She and Parr both work together as the managers to get in contact with Borre to receive iPads to film the games with. 

As managers, the girls’ duties are to film games and also update the live game score. They split the jobs, so one of them films on the iPad, and the other updates the goals and penalties. To make it fair, they switch jobs each period. The managers do not have to show up to the practice, or the JV games, but they are welcome to. They mostly go to varsity games only. For away games, they do travel with the team on the bus, but Odenbach says, “Luckily they split up upperclassmen and underclassmen so our bus is a bit quieter.”

“I love being a manager,” says Odenbach. She loves to see the game played at a higher perspective where they get to view the game at. Some of the girls’ favorite memories are also bringing snacks to games and being able to listen to the other team during the game. Odenbach added, “(it’s) not necessarily a fun memory, but the most interesting one was when we sat right above the Viroqua bench and the coaches and players were being really unsportsmanlike.” They get to hear the disreputable comments and meet the other teams’ team managers at games. 

Both Madison Odenbach and Madeline Parr plan to be the hockey team managers again next year. Once they graduate, however, the team starting the season in 2023 will need new managers once again. Both managers believe that anyone who wants to be the manager will most likely succeed. The job is not too hard and can be a fun thing to do if not playing a winter sport. Someone who is comfortable with the members of the team would be a good manager. It makes it more comfortable when talking with the team and making sure the film is being done correctly. With all of the fun they are having this season they are excited for the next.