Varsity Overwatch Team Takes Two All-State Players to State Competition


Leah Beyer, Staff Writer

The West Salem esports team has two all-state champions this Overwatch season, Senior Adam Chandler and Sophomore Michal Harding. They both play for the varsity Overwatch team. There are three roles in Overwatch, and three players are chosen for each role. Being an all-state champion means the player is the best in the whole state of Wisconsin for their role. 

Being chosen as one of the nine state champions “was a pretty nice thing to see, there was a lot of really good players this year so it was kind of a proud moment to be recognised for it,” says Team Captain Adam Chandler. Chandler plays Support position, while Harding plays Tank. “I was surprised I got it over Edgewoods tank, who was a lot better than me,” Harding said about his selection. Harding has been playing esports for 4 years, and says it doesn’t really make a difference that he’s doing this as a sophomore because of the experience he has with esports, and with Overwatch.

Adam Chandler said, “I’m proud of what we did this year, and what I’ve been able to help the team with, … I’m proud that even though we didn’t win state…we made it this far [in] my last year”.

Jason Holter, the coach and organizer of the teams, said, “I was excited for everyone to get the experience [of going to state]… and give our students the idea that they can do this, that they can play in college.” Holter said he’s “super proud of the team and how we continue to grow, I think it was a tremendous season with how they’ve grown.” Holter mentioned the good attitude of the team and individual players. “[Adam and Michael] are both pretty humble, but they’re really really good players, and they help make other people better which is great, they’re not just necessary in it for themselves but they want to see our whole group get better, and so they really elevate the play of everyone else.”