Meet the WS Mens Tennis Team


Anthony Balboa

This week on Tuesday, April 19th, the West Salem Men’s Tennis team faced off against Black River Falls. Many great games were played and players looked confident and ready to play against their opponents. West Salem ended up being victorious against Black River Falls in a score of 6 games against 1 game. During all games, there were many notable players giving it their all.

Many freshmen joined the men’s tennis team this year, a stark contrast to the absence of freshmen players last year. Freshmen like Ethan Crusan, Jack Noelke, Jason Lu, Kyle Hehli, & Jesse Miller all joined the team this year with optimistic feelings. Along with them, they have new juniors, Tate Eckblad and Ben Fleckenstein. Though the new members felt incredibly nervous during their first quad, they brought their best to their matches. “It’s okay if you don’t bring things to the table, you just have to be open minded and focus on your serves,” says Tate Eckblad.

They also have returning members who have shown much more improvement from last year. Juniors like Ben Holter, Tyler Mathison and Anthony Balboa. Last year as sophomores they were very new to the sport. However this year they have proven to be very improved in comparison to last year. “Last year I was very new and very nervous when playing, but this year I feel more confident and determined to be better,” says  Mathison.

Finally we have our returning seniors, Jack Hehli, Krish Patel, and David Wright. Hehli and Patel are currently the varsity team captains and Anthony Balboa is the junior varsity team captain. “The tennis season, this year, will be fun,” says Patel, “We have a bigger number of boys playing, and we are only getting better.”

The West Salem Men’s Tennis Team will go to Viroqua to face their team on Monday, April 19th at 4:30 PM. You can catch up with the team on their new Instagram page, @westsalemmenstennis