The Coffee Buzz at WSHS


Cody Anderson

Coffee seems to be the beverage of choice at West Salem High School – at least in the morning.  How often do you see a student or a teacher drinking a cup of coffee in the hallways, classrooms, or cafeteria, office, or library? So, how many students and staff at West Salem drink coffee regularly? What’s their drink of choice, and where do they get their coffee?

According to a WSMedia poll, 55% of students and staff members drink coffee regularly. “It tastes good,” Junior McKenna Stadler, a frequent coffee drinker, said. “I’m always really tired in the morning, so drinking coffee helps me wake up,” Stadler said.

But what kind of coffee are they drinking, exactly? The survey found that roughly 52% of coffee drinkers at West Salem prefer their coffee black. Others responded saying they prefer their coffee with caramel and vanilla flavorings. “Black coffee has no good flavor in my opinion. I prefer caramel flavored coffee because it’s sweet, flavorful, and full of happiness,” Freshman Blake Ring said.

West Salem coffee lovers go to Kwik Trip for their caffeine buzz, or at least 48% of survey respondents. However, some students prefer to brew at home; 37% of those surveyed said they prefer coffee made from home or work. “I like the taste of coffee,” junior Adriana Eddie said, who regularly goes to Moka for coffee. “[Moka] is faster, cheaper, and better,” Eddie also said.

Not everyone at WSHS loves a cup of joe. A strong anti-coffee drinker at West Salem, senior Mikayla Fechner, said “I do not like the taste nor smell of coffee at all. Not to mention that you have to brush your teeth more than twice if you drink more than one coffee as it can cause permanent staining to your teeth and enamel damage,” Fechner said. She also worries about the addictive nature of caffeine. “You are more likely to get addicted to coffee than marijuana, a schedule 1 drug. It can cause a dependence for coffee in the body. If you do not get coffee, you experience coffee withdrawal symptoms. That is why I don’t drink coffee.”