Summer Vacation Season is Almost Here

Madison Hass

West Salem’s students have many adventures awaiting for them as summer approaches. Students are going all over the world for summer trips and vacations. Sophomore Samantha Quam is going to Mexico for a week, and junior McKenna Stadtler is staying in West Salem this summer. 

Sophomore Sam Quam is going to Sandos De Caracoles Eco Resort in Mexico. She will be going with her mom, Adriam, and her little sister, Raegan. She will be leaving July 5th and staying 6 days and 5 nights. Quam will be going on the beach, going on bike trails, going to see wildlife, and relaxing in the canopies on the beach.

Quam will also be visiting Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, which is going off of Mexico into the Caribbean. While she goes there, she will be snorkeling with the whale sharks, shopping, kayaking in the mangroves, surfing, and going to nightclubs.

“In our resort, we do not have to pay for anything but the hotel, so we will be getting our drinks and food free while we stay there,” said Quam. “Therefore, I am going to eat a lot of food.”

Quam may be going to Mexico, but there are lots of people staying in West Salem for the summer. Junior McKenna Stadtler is staying home this summer to spend time with friends and go to work. Stadtler will be going to the La Crosse race track, and the La Crosse Interstate Fair. She plans to get a job in June.

“I think my summer is going to be great, because I have amazing friends to hang out with,” Stadtler said about her summer. She will also be going camping with her family in Minnesota for roughly one week. Stadtler, along with many other people, are keeping it local this summer.

Throughout West Salem High School, there are people who will be staying in West Salem, and some traveling to different parts of the world. According to a WSMedia poll, a total of 72.5% of West Salem High School students surveyed will be going on a summer vacation this year.