SEP Spotlight: Jade Turnipseed


Senior Jade Turnipseed’s aspirations to pursue a career in the medical field have led her to host a blood drive. This blood drive will be held in the high school LMC on Tuesday, December 10th from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. as a part of Turnipseed’s Senior Exit Project (SEP). 

When donating at the National Honor Society’s (NHS) blood drive last year, she was first inspired to host her own drive for the SEP. With the help of her mentor Emalea Cogdill, and NHS advisor Jenny Stenberg, Turnipseed was ready to set her plan in action. 

First, Turnipseed had to contact the West Salem High School Principal, Mr. Malott. She met with him and discussed the date of her blood drive, where it was going to take place, and how to reserve the location. Turnipseed then came in contact with the Blood Center of Wisconsin to confirm the date and time. 

Once the planning process had been completed, Turnipseed eagerly waited for December 10th to arrive. Turnipseed said that she is excited to see how many blood donations will be collected and given to those in need. “It makes me really happy doing this whole project [because] I was thinking about how much I take from people, and now this is the chance for me to give back,” said Turnipseed.

 In an email she sent out to the entire high school student body, Turnipseed states that just one donation can save the lives of three patients at a hospital. 

Before the event, twenty donors already signed up for an appointment online. Turnipseed continued to recruit students and community members through fliers, emails, and talking to them face-to-face. Although there is a website to sign up for a specific donation time, Turnipseed stated that walk-ins are more than welcome. To donate, one must be sixteen or older. If you are sixteen, there is a permission form linked here SCAN-15112019-074808 (1)

If you were interested in donating, you could schedule an appointment using the link below, or show up for a walk-in at the LMC during the blood drive.