Gymnast Emma Brigson Teaches at YMCA


Sophomore Emma Brigson, a gymnast at West Salem, works at the Onalaska YMCA with younger kids involved with the gymnastics program there. While Brigson goes to the YMCA during open gym to improve her own skills, she also works at the YMCA with the program ran there. 

Brigson works with coaching the 2-4 year olds and 7-11 year olds on Sunday. The ages are not always grouped together because division of gymnasts is based off of their skill levels. “Gymne” is the youngest level, and it goes up to level 9.

“I love teaching older kids like the intermediate pre-team, but I also like the gymne kids because they’re so cute, but don’t listen,” said Brigson. 

Teaching the younger kids can be fun, but it’s not always easy. In order to keep her class in line, she has to make the class interesting. “Kids only listen if they’re not bored with what they’re doing,” said Brigson. For example, Brigson often comes up with imaginative ways to keep them engaged during stretches. 

She says kids three and up are the easiest to work with because they actually know how to listen and can do what Brigson asks of them. 

Brigson also says that sometimes in her classes she teaches kids as young as two years old, so their parents have to join them in the class and help their children comprehend and do what Brigson instructs. She enjoys working with the kids because she likes being able to teach them what she’s good at. She helps kids with many aspects of the sport, such as the floor and beam. 

As for Brigson’s season though, she says practices are going well. Brigson says they have very good team chemistry since the team is so small; the group consists of only 13 people including the manager. “The team lost many talented seniors last year, but I’m very excited for what the season has to come,” said Brigson.