Welcome to West Salem

West Salem High School welcomed a new student this semester.

 Devanshi Patel moved to West Salem from her home country of India. Patel is a junior at West Salem High School. She came here mainly because of her family business.

“There is a difference between my old school and at West Salem High School,” said Patel. “At my old school, we were not allowed to take our electronics to the school, where at West Salem, you can have your electronics at school.”  Patel points out other differences about the teachers. She said, “The teachers are super and nice and help me a lot.”

Some things are still the same for Patel at West Salem. “The sports are the same in India,” she said. Patel hopes to join soccer next year, as she has plans to return to West Salem next year as a senior.

She enjoys that the people at West Salem are welcoming to her and give her help. “I am excited to make new friends and come here next year,” said Patel. She can’t wait to get to know even more about the students and traditions West Salem.