New Student: Erica Spinler


New students come every school year to West Salem High School. Student services does a lot to welcome new kids – showing the new kids around and always being there for any student that needs help. West Salem has so much to offer and helps students prepare for future plans. One of WSHS’s newest students is sophomore Erica Spinler. 

Spinler comes to West Salem from Le Sueur, Minnesota as a result of her father’s new job. Spinler has many interests such as volleyball, basketball and traveling. One of the places she has been is Mexico, which she has been to five times. She has been playing basketball and volleyball since seventh grade. She has dog, Buster, who is three years old. Her parents inspire her because they are successful and also have a good job.

When she moved here she was excited, but later realized that the classes at West Salem are more difficult than they were at her former high school. Spinler feels like she’s getting the hang of West Salem after a period of adjustment. Overall, she likes the school spirit and is glad she moved here. Spinler is excited to meet new people and make friends. Spinler follows a life motto which is ‘Live life to the fullest.’ This means to “take advantage of the time that you have,” said Spinler.