Forensics’ Recent Sub-District Competition

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Forensics’ Recent Sub-District Competition

Chloe Ipsen, Editor in Chief

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Many students at West Salem High School have heard of forensics. However, few students know what exactly forensics is, or how forensics works. The truth is, forensics is a lot of things. All together though, forensics is a club that focuses on improving students’ public speaking skills. Students choose a piece of writing, practice independently in the months leading up to the competition, and then compete and receive criticism from three different judges. It’s not overly complicated, but it looks great on college applications and resumes. It shows that students are comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, and able to take constructive criticism.

West Salem held the sub-districts forensics competition on February 26th for the first time in many years. Students can compete in a variety of categories, such as prose, farrago, and group interpretation. West Salem student competitors had many feelings about the competition.

Sophomore Shelby Burch described her experience by saying: “This is my first year doing Forensics as a high schooler, and it has been a great experience. I think sub-districts went very well and I hope to make it to the state level.”

Junior Alyssa Szewczyk chose to read a small collection of motivational poems. She said that she chose her pieces because, “They all revolve around motivation. I know everyone struggles with different problems, and I’ve felt those struggles before. Therefore, I hope that these poems would strengthen my audience as they have strengthened me.” Szewczyk continued,  “I also loved that the competition this year was held in our own school”. 

Senior Dani Miller gave an informative speech about unusual diets. She added, “I think West Salem did really well this year and we had a lot of high scores. This is just one step closer for a lot of us to hopefully get to state!”

This year, all forensics competitors advanced to the district competition which will be held at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse on March 16th. 

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