I Tried Being Vegan for a Week, And it was a Disaster

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I Tried Being Vegan for a Week, And it was a Disaster

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Have you ever considered going vegan, but never had an honest opinion about what it was like? Haley Patterson, my vegan friend, told me being vegan was “great” and “not actually that hard”. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are only telling you that because they are tired of being the only one eating vegan at the lunch table. Being vegan overall is just terrible. I tried veganism for one week, but I couldn’t make it. I kept a food diary and I’m telling you my very honest and blunt views on what being vegan is like (for a week, anyway).



To put it lightly, my week of veganism did not start off smoothly. Breakfast was okay, except I thought almond milk would taste EXACTLY like cow milk. Although it was pretty close, it had a slightly nutty aftertaste. I had a church potluck during lunch, so all I could eat was Tostitos, celery, and an off-brand can of root beer. I noticed right away how there were very little vegan food options, and throughout the week that became more and more painfully obvious. Dinner is when I felt truly like a healthy vegan. I’m not sure if it was because I was extra hungry or if I actually liked it, but the vegan tacos I ate were really, really good. I fried pinto beans in a skillet and added taco seasoning. Adding white rice, lime juice and avocado made it even better. I even found vegan tortillas! Mangos with chili powder are probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted. To keep myself from starving, I snacked frequently throughout the week. The beans in the tacos surprisingly kept me full, so I only snacked on popcorn.



Monday marked my first day of school as a vegan. I didn’t have breakfast (yes, I know, “most important meal of the day” and all, but I wake up at 7:00 so that doesn’t leave a lot of room for food). Lunch consisted of a leftover bean taco, some rice, and an avocado. I filled out a survey for the Marines, so I got a free piece of candy. I panicked because there was a stampede of candy-hungry students charging at me so I stupidly grabbed a bag of M&M’s. Luckily, a saint,

Anja Clauson, traded with me for a ring pop! That night I had a softball game, so I got back at 7. After that, I was too tired to make supper so I watched Netflix until 10 and made a smoothie, waking up everyone in the house in the process (oops). Animal crackers and a Clif energy bar were my only snacks.


Once again, I skipped breakfast. I couldn’t find any protein to put in my lunch, so I was hungry all day. My lunch consisted of an apple, animal crackers, raspberry coconut yogurt, and cucumber slices. The raspberry coconut yogurt was my favorite find while being vegan. After having only noodles, french fries and peas for supper, I decided I needed to go shopping. We went to Woodman’s and got a cartload of vegan snacks. It turns out, even things that are just normal foods, or not meant for vegans, are still vegan! Vegan food is really expensive though. A small pizza was $8. A pint of coconut chocolate ice cream was $5! My receipt for really not all that much food was $63. Snacks were a Clif energy bar and animal crackers.


On Wednesday I ate nothing for breakfast, but I had a big lunch of peanut butter sandwich, pretzels, vanilla cookies,

 fruity pebbles, and vanilla coconut yogurt. For supper I ate a salad, chickpeas, and toast. Needless to say, I went to bed hungry. The rest of my family went to eat at church while I was at softball. I was hungry, tired, and lonely sitting at my table. I might not be able to blame veganism for being tired and lonely, but it made me feel better to blame it on that.  An apple, pretzels and a Clif energy bar were my snacks.


I actually ate breakfast on Thursday! I ate dry fruity pebbles. It was not exactly nutritious, but they tasted good. I had packed a lunch the night before for school, but by some amazing, fabulous miracle, we had a snow day. I still ate my peanut butter sandwich, pretzels, and strawberries, but waking up at 11:00 meant that I ate lunch at 3:00. Tonight was my first official vegan meal. I made vegan pizza and kool-aid. The last thing I wanted to do is put what smelled like burnt plastic (I actually thought I had left the plastic wrapping on in the oven for a while – I didn’t)  in my mouth, but I unfortunately did. This eight dollar pizza was DISGUSTING. I couldn’t even get through one slice. I tried feeding it to my dog, but she went outside under our porch and threw it up. (If I go to Hell, I swear to God that pizza will be there and I’ll have to eat it.) Not even my snack of coconut ice cream could make up for that monstrosity. An apple, pretzels, and cookies were my other snacks that day.


Friday was my favorite day so far. I ate nothing for breakfast, but lunch made up for that. I had french toast, sausage, and chocolate milk. Yep, I broke. My applesauce spilled all over my lunch box, getting everything sticky. For some reason, and I got so incredibly mad that I almost started crying. I threw down my tray and declared that I was getting “real food”.  It tasted amazing. For supper I had a giant bowl of mac and cheese and a slice of cheesecake. I was so full from actually eating, my only snack was coconut ice cream.


 Ah, Saturday, the last day of vegan week. I started my day with a bowl of fruity pebbles and real dairy milk. I wasn’t ready to give up being vegan completely, so for lunch I tried vegan mac and cheese. It did not end well.  I took a bite, spit it back in the bowl, and dumped the entire pot in the trash. It smelled SO BAD. My mom and brother went for a walk to get away from it. That is when I officially waved my white flag and gave up. As my first act as a non-vegan, I went to Hunter’s for supper and had 6 slices of cheese pizza with a kiddy cocktail. No regrets. For snacks, I ate a Starbucks cheesecake and double chocolaty chip frappuccino drink, a pack of ramen noodles and some Doritos.

Overall, being vegan ruined what could have been an okay week. Even though it was terrible, I’m glad I did it. I have always wondered if I could do it. I have a lot of respect for the amount of self-control vegan and even vegetarian people have. I understand why they do it, but I’m sad (not really) to say that I will not be joining them in their veganism. What do you think? Could you be vegan?