Opinion: Students Need Summer Jobs

For most high schoolers, summer is not just a time for swimming, hiking, picnics, and having fun with friends; it is also a time to make some money with easy jobs. These job opportunities include babysitting, life-guarding, lawn-mowing and many more. “I love working at the pool,” said soon-to be-senior Maggie Cronk. She has been working at the West Salem Pool for four summers now. “I am able to connect with others from the community, and it’s easy money,” said Cronk.

According to a recent West Salem Media poll, 81.7% of current students have a job during the summer. This means only 18.3% of the student body does not have a job. About 25% of students have babysitting jobs, and Linda’s Bakery and Subway hold a total of 13.8% of the students as their employees.

“I have learned lots of customer service skills and have become more independent in my work,”said sophomore Hunter Komay about working at Linda’s Bakery. “It’s also nice earning that extra spending money.” Jobs for high school students can have many benefits. These would include gaining confidence, communication skills, time management, and being able to handle money. Stanford researcher Jacob Leos-Urbel found that summer jobs for young people have positive impacts on academic performance.

Overall, summer jobs for high schoolers are always a good idea. Whether it be to learn communication skills, how to handle money, or just to make some extra cash, summer jobs hold too many benefits to ignore. Teens should take advantage of the learning opportunities that these jobs can offer.