Student Voices: Should We Impeach Trump?

• Cody Anderson, Photographer & Journalist

Across the nation, there are conversations surrounding President Trump’s potential impeachment, and the investigation involving a phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president regarding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The big question is, should our president be impeached?

WSMedia recently sent out a survey to students here at the West Salem High School asking that question: should Donald Trump be impeached? 

According to that poll, with 152 respondents, 59.9% of students and staff at West Salem High School said that President Trump should not be impeached, and 40.1% said that President Trump should be impeached. West Salem students are not as evenly split as the nation. According to NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll, 48% of Americans feel Trump should be impeached, and 48% of Americans say President Trump should not be impeached.

If the president is impeached, the next logical question would be: how long would the impeachment process take before the president was removed from office? According to an article written by Time magazine, if the Democrats fulfilled the impeachment process entirely, President Trump wouldn’t be removed until as late as March 2020. If Trump isn’t impeached, his term in the White House would expire in January of 2021 unless re-elected.

So the next question is, how much would the entire process cost? 

In 1998, President Bill Clinton faced the impeachment process due to his sexual affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinski. The impeachment process then cost upwards of $1.2 million according to The New York Times. Clinton was impeached following several months of investigation, though not removed from office. Today, the cost for President Trump to be impeached would cost upwards of $1.8 million as estimated by The New York Times. Is it worth the cost to impeach Trump with only a little more than a year left in his presidency unless re-elected? “I think he should be impeached, but it’s too late and would cost a ton of money now,” said senior Mckenna Stadler. “It is pointless.”