Cool Beans Coffee Review

Samantha Quam, Staff

* * * * *

         Like a diamond in the rough, never would I ever imagine finding a gem like this. Cool Beans Coffee shop meets all of my expectations of what a coffee shop should be. I am giving this establishment 5 stars for its atmosphere, coffee, food, service, and variety. 

         Cool Beans is a small shop on the edge of the UW- La Crosse campus. The drive wasn’t as bad as expected for someone traveling from West Salem. I entered, accompanied by my friend Brit Larson, to a warm, orange room filled with studying students and an awesome early 2000s playlist. There were 3 chalkboards compiled with flavors, coffees, smoothies, and teas. The front counter was lined with treats “sourced from a local organic company,” said George Baldwin, the co-owner of Cool Beans.

        A kind young woman took our orders, and we took a seat at an open table. Behind us was a shelf of boardgames. We dealt cards for a couple minutes before our drinks and cookie bars arrived. The caramel cappuccino was warm and extra foamy. The drinks came in big round mugs and the cookies were melted chocolate heaven. I am giving this establishment five stars. I hope all of my readers can soon appreciate it as well because there is no better way of knowing than trying for yourself.