Art Student of the Month-January


Maddy Fry

Rachel Stein, a senior at West Salem High School, was chosen as December Art Student of the Month. “Rachel puts an extreme amount of effort and detail into her work,” said art teacher Quinten Brown. “Her technique, amount of detail, and the level of maturity in her work really made her stand out from the crowd,” Brown adds.

Rachel started her art journey at a very young age. “My dad has always been an artist and I think he really wanted me to get involved. I started my journey by tracing my stuffed animals on a white board,” Rachel remarks. Rachel states that her dad, Mr. Brown, and her friend, Reghan Sage, are the three people that have influenced her the most. “They all just inspire me and push me to do my best,” Rachel adds. She also mentions that art is the best way she can express herself throughout all the different phases in her life. Since highschool has started, Rachel has worked the most with 2D forms of art. Painting, stippling, and markers are her favorite media types to work with. Rachel says these types of media allow her to take something as simple as a blank canvas and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. “When I found out I was art student of the month I felt honored, excited, and nervous all at the same time,” Rachel adds.

 Being able to compare her work throughout the years allowed Rachel to see how much she has improved since her freshman year. Rachel’s favorite piece in her collection is her “How to Train Your Dragon” painting because it reminds her of her childhood. After high school, Rachel plans to continue her growing jewelry business and continue to paint and draw to express herself and relax.