Youth Frontiers Update


   Youth frontiers has begun a new school wide project. The group has been trying to figure out a way to give back to the community. The students first picked an organization to donate to. The group has picked the random acts of kindness fund that goes district wide. The way they chose to raise money is by conducting a penny war, which will begin on Monday, March 28th. 

   Each grade at the high school will have their own jar of donations. The way that penny war works is by having pennies be positive points, and silver change as well as dollars are negative points. The grades will want as many pennies as they can in their jars while competing grades put negative points in, to sabotage. The reward of donations will be watching teachers do punishments such as pie in the face, duct tape to a wall, and getting in a dunk tank. Penny war will end on Friday, April 8th.