Important Senior Information

The 4 photos needed for 2025 Seniors

Attention 2025 Senior!!

Senior year is finally here! We have an important yearbook deadline to keep in mind. Each senior must submit each of the following:

  1. Yearbook Portrait: This photo is a traditional, formal, head and shoulders pose. You may use this same portrait for everything if you would like. *No hats, props, full-length poses, “misty filters” or distracting backgrounds.
  2. Baby Photo: This photo will be used to morph into the “big kid” photo for the senior slideshow. The best morphs are created when the baby’s face is the dominant part of the photo.

3. Times of Our Lives PhotoThis will be the “big kid” photo in the morph. This can be less formal.

4. Senior Slideshow Photo: This photo will be the photo into which the baby image will morph. It can be the same image used for either the Yearbook Portrait or the Times of Our Lives if you would like.



All images due Friday, November 8th, 2024


Submitting Photos: Email 300 dpi jpeg photo(s) to [email protected]Please label all photos with the student’s name and publication (whether it is wanted for the Times, Yearbook, or Slideshow.) Ex: JoeSmithYearbook                        Labeled hard copy photos can be dropped off in room 241 – silver box.