Mya Koudelka, Staff

This year, students will be experiencing the first finals week since 2019. For half of the student body, this is the first year having finals in the high schools due to the COVID 19 pandemic. So, here are some basics

The first day starts on January 12. Students will be taking 1st, 4th, and 7th hour tests. Day two is on January 13, when hours 2nd, 5th, and 8th will be taken. On the last day, 3rd and 6th hour will be the last tests taken.

Leaving the campus for lunch is available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The library and commons will be used as a “quiet zone” for students who want or need to study time during the day. Students are also expected to be on time and in the room before the bell rings between class changes or they won’t be let in if they aren’t on time. Classes will be a 90 minute period for test taking. 

 For many students, this is their first year of taking finals.“I’m kinda nervous because I have never experienced finals before,” sophomore Signe Roesler, “I’m not sure what the environment will be like.” Emma Brigson is a senior this year. This will be her last year of taking finals at West Salem. “It’s different having finals compared to last year where we didn’t have any,” says Brigson. “Some of my finals won’t affect my grade too much, but others will be up to 20% of my grade. It’s nice having a set day to take finals and being able to get in some review days before the big tests.” When the student body is finished with finals, a new semester will begin.