Winter Formal Back After Covid-19


The pep club hosted a winter formal on Saturday, February 19th. It was organized by the pep club, but was led by junior Madison McRogers. McRodgers took on the responsibility to host the dance because she knew not a lot of people hadn’t had a homecoming experience in 2020, so she wanted to give everyone the opportunity to go to another less formal dance. This is the first time since 2019 that there has been a winter formal due to Covid-19. 

 The court was organized by Ms. Andres.  People wanting to participate would sign their names on a card and put it in either the girls or guys basket. At the end of the night they chose 6 names from each bin, and they would have flowers wrapped up so they don’t know what flowers they had. Whoever had the blue flowers were the King and Queen. The king and queen ended up being Macey Taucher and Nathan Feyn.   

There were many different ways that people approached the dance. Some people took it seriously and wore nice dresses and went to fancy places to eat. While others wore dresses from Goodwill or basketball jerseys. “I took it a little seriously at the beginning, but once I got there I just went with the flow. I would call it more of a semi formal because it was mostly just having a good time with friends,” says sophomore, Anya Sandvick.

 Kendra Trautsch and her friends all wore dresses from Goodwill. They wanted to do it because they saw people doing it online and thought it would be funny. Trautsch says, “Everyone at the dance was really connected, and were just there to have a non-stressful and fun time.” 

Carson Koepnick and his friends all wore basketball jerseys. “We wanted to dress differently than everyone else. I didn’t consider it very formal because not many people were making dinner plans and taking pictures like prom and homecoming,” says Koepnick.