Independent Studies


Reese Walters, Staff Writer

Independent Studies are classes that you wouldn’t normally be able to take as a class, but have been adapted to online to accommodate schedules. Because it is online, there is no teacher there to teach you. Each session is a class period long. It also depends on what you’re doing in each session, as it could be 5 minutes long or it could be 40 minutes long, depending on what you’re doing. You can only have one independent study per day unless the school makes an exception. If you would like to explore this option for yourself, you should talk to Elsen or the guidance counselors and they can help you through the process. Independent studies are everyday and you can take it as a semester class or for the entire year, depending on the program. In order to do an independent study, you have to be a sophomore, junior, or a senior.  

“I decided to join because they want to learn things and you don’t have to be in class and you get the freedom to work at your own pace,” says senior Katharine Horstman, who has been in a sign language program for both semesters. 

 Some of the options are sign language, japanese, or art class like drawing or pottery, and you can take many other classes that are offered as normal classes.