March Breakfast of Champions


Each month, teachers of West Salem High School choose students for Student of the Month. They acknowledge these students by their ability to learn in class and by their attitude. The school has a different teacher from each department to recognize a student that is excelling. In the month of March, the teachers were Mrs. Haas, Mrs. Deal, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Tripp, Mr. Fruit, Mr. Neuman, Mrs. Key, Mr. Nelson, Mrs. Stagman, and Mrs. Andres. 

Representing the ___ department, Mrs. Haas chose the junior Kiley Clauson for the student of the month. Kiley stood out in the way that she is able to work with the other students. She is a nice and welcoming classmate that is able to work with each of her peers. She is a hard-worker and enjoys coming to her Advanced Foods class each day. 

Representing the ENGLISH department, Mrs. Deal selected Delaney Christianson. 

For the ART department, Mr. Brown nominated senior Ashley Cannon. Cannon has done an excellent job in each of her art classes. She has been with Mr. Brown since she was a freshamn and her art abilities have shown much improvement since then. Mr. Brown is happy to recognize the hard work that she puts in to get better with her skill and understanding. She was able to ameliorate her perspectives, depths, and etc, throughout the years. 

The student counselor, Mrs. Tripp was able to recognize Chris Najera as a student of the month. Najera became a new student to West Salem last year for his junior year. “He is a great asset to the school”. Najera has been doing great at school and is a caring and understanding senior for the underclassmen. 

Mr. Fruit chose a student of the month, Jaidan Cardinal, for the MATH department. 

Zipa Xiong was elected student of the month by Mr. Neuman from the HEALTH department. 

For the SCIENCE department, Mrs. Key has recognized Brennan Holst. 

Canaan Schwarz was noticed by Mr. Nelson, the HISTORY teacher, for his…

Mrs. Stagman elected Kaden Baumgarten

The final student chosen for student of the month is Julian Fox by Mrs. Andres.