New Leaders and Members


Mya Koudelka, Staff

The National Honor Society held the 2022 induction ceremony on Sunday, May 1, 2022 for new members and leaders. New presidents were selected, Priya Oshan and Kaitlyn Knutson will be the new leaders. “I feel honored to be able to lead a prestigious group of students as president. I am excited to have a successful year as a chapter,’’ says Oshan. Krish Patel was a former leader. “The NHS induction is an event to welcome new members to the national honors society and to celebrate all of the great community service work done by current members. During the induction, the new NHS officers get sworn in along with the other new members,’’ says Patel. 

Before the induction, the officers and Rita Schmitz, from the American Legion, made speeches. All the new members got called onto the stage and received their certificates and cords. Sophomore Natalie Graham was one of many who was inducted. “I felt very encouraged and supported by my peers and family who were present,” says Graham. 

Another new member, sophomore Anya Sandvick was inducted as well. “I remember shaking Mr. Mallory’s hand and hearing all of the applause. The experience was surreal and the energy was very exciting,” says Sandvick. The induction was a new and exciting experience for many students and will be remembered by all in attendance.